How did I get into reading…?

When I was in elementary school I struggled with reading.  It took me a long, long, and even longer time to comprehend what I was reading so reading took forever compared to other kids. I HATED reading, it was a chore and felt like a punishment. Freshmen year of high school, I had a Language Arts teacher that forced us to read classic books, but not just physically read them. We listened to an audiobook while reading the book physically which made my comprehension improve. The only book I enjoyed that we actually read was The Outsiders. To this day that book has been my all-time favorite just because it was the initial spark of my reading interest.

So that was the history into semi-liking reading, but I didn’t start actually reading for enjoyment until about 2-3 years ago when I found Booktube.  All of the creators of Booktube made me want to enjoy reading because they had such a passion for it.  So I got myself a library card and went looking for books I saw those creators talking about and I found the Shatter Me series! I love the Shatter Me series (even though I still haven’t finished reading the rest of the books that are out.)

From the Shatter Me series, I read some dystopian novels.  BUT, I stumbled upon a Booktube creator named “chelseadollingreads” and she was talking about her love of contemporary books… I now love contemporary books and found my favorite genre of books.

Hello & Welcome

Hi everyone! 👋🏻

My name is Marissa and this is the blog that is filled with pages of bookish things a.k.a mostly reviews, but you never know what might happen.  

First off, I have no clue how to code, so maybe when I get better at this book blogging thing I will learn how to make this webpage more pleasing to the eye.  Sorry for now. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Now to the stuff you want to know:
Why am I here? Why is this person even starting a blog if she has no clue what she is doing? 

First, I don’t know how you stumbled onto this page, but thank you! Now I need to grab your attention to keep you to stay.  

Second, I wanted to start this blog to be able to talk about books… like all the other book bloggers, but mine will be different! Okay…. maybe not but at least you will get to see my opinion on the books I read and see me struggle with being entertaining plus a good blogger. So that should be enough to stay right? 😂

I hope you will stick around! See ya in my next post! 💕


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